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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other requirements for participating in the network?

The firm’s rely on the firm to provide them with honest opinions on key business issues.

What services do we provide?

The firm is guided by certain core principles: professionalism, integrity, hard-work and pragmatism.

What types of clients use Carnalaw?

It is our mandate to protect our client’s business assets and to deliver our best.

What types of lawyers are in the Carnalaw?

The firm routinely advises clients on issues such as expansion of business through integration and diversification


CARNA ( Chaudary Abdul Rasheed & Associates) law firm

Established in 1967, CARNA is one of the country's fastest growing Law firm, servicing both corporate entities and private individuals. This growth has derived from a simple mission: to act as legal guardian by providing a reliable, accurate and practicable legal service.

CARNA law firm is a full service law firm based in Karachi. Our knowledge and experience across the full range of civil, regulatory and criminal issues uniquely positions us to advise clients on multi-faceted and complex crises arising in commercial contexts. We believe that what really differentiates us is our working style. We work with you as well as for you – ours is a collaborative approach to working in partnership with our clients to achieve your goals.

The founder of CARNA Law firm, Mr. Chaudary Abdul Rasheed, is one of the senior most advocates of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He has been appearing before the Apex Courts of Pakistan for over decades. Furthermore, there is a plethora of landmark reported decisions in which Mr. Abdul Rasheed has successfully represented clients in the Supreme Court and High Court.

Our lawyers are not just academic specialists – they combine an in depth knowledge of the law and its practical application to your case, with a firm belief in your right to legal assistance and to committed representation throughout your matter. Our solicitors place service to the public above all else and are able to advise on the best possible course of funding in the event you do not qualify for legal aid.

The firm is modern in its approach in helping and advising clients, taking care in ensuring the client’s needs are met, ensuring that our clients understand the procedures and the law.


The firm is known for its commitment to clients, who range from Private Individuals, to SMEs, Companies and Charities. Our expert team of litigation and commercial dispute resolution lawyers provides a quality service, without compromise, at a competitive price.

While serving our clients, we are governed by the core values of confidentiality, trust, timeliness and accuracy. Our professionalism is underwritten by competence in professional analysis, excellence in desired output and commitment in service delivery.

We ensure that our clients experience first class legal services through our experience, knowledge and focus on achieving the best results. Our teams have been carefully chosen for their diligence and professional drive to ensure that their personality and skills fit with our philosophy of “your true legal guardian”.


Our reputation is built upon our proficiency in litigation, our meticulous preparation and fearless commitment to our client's cases. The firm mission is to act as your true legal guardian it is not just a slogan but we procure it by providing a reliable, accurate and practicable legal service to all of our clients in a way that suits them, both personally and commercially. The firm works with you as well as for you.


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